Sunday, July 10, 2011

ULLUWATU Surf Session

We have been ranking the surf destinations across Australia and now here in Bali. By far, today was the best and most unique surf spot we have been exposed to.... ULLUWATU!!!

We arrived at Ulluwatu hearing stories of 12 foot double over head waves and that ONLY when it has a small swell do you ever venture out! Today was our lucky day.! The swell was perfect for us and an opportunity to surf one of the most famaous surf breaks in Indonesia.

The famous surf site is below an ancient Hindu Temple where locals use as a spiritual place. The temple over looks these huge cliffs out into the Indian Ocean.

Surfers have a gradual descent down a steep windy path through a variety of 'Warungs" (surf side eat site that are built into the side of the cliff on overlook the surf). After dropping some gear at Nyomen's friend's Warung, we continued downward.

At the bottom, the cliff walls give way to a min cave entrance to the ocean. Felt very surf movie for sure. We paddled through the cliff gap and through the rock cave out into the surf. We had an amazing sunset surf at ULLUWATU. It wasn't 12 foot but 5 foot and clean.....perfect for the whole family!!

Fabulous day and No.1 ranking for unique surf location. Definitely a destination to remember.

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  1. Ullawatu sounds incredible! Love the pics!