Friday, July 8, 2011


Who knew that I was actually a MILLIONAIRE! ...... only in Bali! When you take $100 dollars out of the ATM it magically turns into $1,000,000 dollars when you change it over to RUPIAH!

If you want to anything in Bali, you need a lesson in BARTERING!

RULE #1 - The suggested price provided at the beginning of negotiation is approximately inflated 75% of the actual price you should pay.

RULE #2 - The locals (the opposition) enjoy the opportunity to Barter as much as you should. They will totally "spar" with you! Have fun with it!

RULE #3 - If you don't see what you want at one shop, don't worry it will be two shops down the street.

$15 - Gourmet Dinner for Family of four
$25 - Guided Surf Tour for the day
$1 - New Release DVD of Transformers 2
$17 - Rip Curl Watch (Noah's Purchase Price)
$2 - Fancy Coffee that is normally 5 dollars in the Gold Coast

Noah had a good Barter session for VANS shoes and his Rip Curl watch (he looks PRO SURFER for sure now). Kevin is called in as the "hired gun" when a big barter session is required. Wendy calls it a "donation" to the local economy when she settles on a price. And Hannah has yet to buy anything, she is a looker and has the words "NO THANKS" easy spat out of her mouth when somebody approaches.

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