Saturday, October 23, 2010

Secret Surf Spot - FOUND!

The exchange family told me about a "Secret Surf Spot" that was located down the coast near Broken Head Nature Reserve.
At first the instructions were just .... "turn right at the first road before the suffolk tourist park and take the track to Seven Mile Beach but don't stop at the first one unless you want to get naked!" We set out to find it hoping it all made sense when we go to the area. Secret Surf Spot - here we come!

Well, we found it! Imagine a secluded surf beach the length of the football field with white sand beach, rocks surrounding and headlands to block the wind. Very few people around! Locals ONLY! Surf was a bit blown out when we got there but we gave it a go anyway!

Beautiful Spot for sure. I think we will head back and stay at the tourist park and then surf this secret spot early in the morning. A good friend of mine, Ryan Vander Marel would love this spot!
All for now,

Springbrook Region

Travelled to the mountains this past weekend - Springbrook. Area is similar to the Niagara Escarpment back at home. Some cool waterfalls with amazing vista's looking out to the coastline. We are getting to know some cool trails for hiking.

We came across a cool sign revealing aboriginal names and meanings. We each picked what we might want to be called.

Next trip we want to hike down to the bottom of the Purling Waterfall and swim in the pool under it. We will save that for a super hot day in the summer.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Southport School

Well, you have seen my remote offices from Wendy's post a few weeks ago.
When I am not on trip (last few weeks) I come into The Southport School here in the Gold Coast.

Welcome to a quick look at the school I teach at - the Southport School. Approximately 800 students on what appears more like a university campus than a typical high school like I teach at.

As I start my day I walk into the administration "building", compared to my typical bunker back home, which gives me a desk and computer. I bypass the Centenery Center which is the gym (outside & inside gyms) along with a 50 meter pool.

The school has a real "Queen's or Western University look to it with a few film companies shooting movies on site over the years. Next I head down to the water to the Boat Shed to check on canoes for next weeks adventure. This is a brand new facility right on the Broadwater (intercoastal) which is filled with sailboats, rowing shells and "tinnies" for being on the water.

The end of my day takes me across the "ovals" (too many to count) which is where soccer, rugby and cricket are the biggest users, each with thier own fields. There would be NO issues with field space compared to our single gridiron field back home.

It's a beautiful place to work, we will be back to play some tennis on the weekend. Anybody visiting should check this place out for sure. I wish I could parachute my PHE staff here for a quick tour.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Maple Syrup Arrives!!

Great day today... Mark Gray from Canada - good MTB friend from Hardwood - arrived on business with BIG bottle of REAL Maple Syrup! Thanks Carey for picking it our for us. Pancakes for dinner!

Spent the day with Mark checkin' out the GOLD COAST. Took him down for a surf at Cooly and then up the top of the highest building in the area called Q-DECK. Check out the views!

Thanks for a great visit Mark!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Noah @ Ashmore BMX Training

Hannah at Ashmore BMX Training

Gold Coast Bulletin

A couple weeks ago we went to see the presentation done by Jeff Spencer. Little did we know that we might end up celebrities in the local news paper - The Gold Coast Bulletin. A couple people at school showed me a copy of the clip. The funds raised from the presentation went to support kids in the community who do not have a great home life.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Surfboard Collection

Rain Day

Well it's the last weekend of School holidays down here. We have had a very enjoyable 2 weeks of travelling, surfing, hosting travelling Canadians, BBQ's and riding.

We are getting heaps of rain this weekend - buckets! Watching lots of Rugby but also decided do do a little artwork. We were inspired by Mike and his ILUKA beach house. We bought a couple canvasses and created these two paintings.

On the left side, in all the "triangles" we are going to list all the beaches that we have SURFED at during our year here. Watigo Beach Byron, D'bah, Cooly etc...

On the right side in all the "squares & rectangles" we are going to list all the HILARIOUS moments that have made us all laugh during our stay in Australia. You can be guaranteed that Runaway and Bob will make and appearance on the painting.

I will keep you posted as they transition to thier final product.

Rubgy (AFL), Rugby (NRL), Rugby (Touch)

Crazee weekend of Rugby down here. It seems that Rugby is such a popular sport they have many versions that are played.

To start with, Noah and Hannah are playing Touch Rugby with the MUDGEERABA REDBACKS, a local club near the house and Friday nights for the next 10 weeks. First night Noah was a tagging machine and Hannah scored a try.

On a more National scene, there were 2 final championship games - Premierships they call them. The first was the AFL Championship - Aussie Rules where anything goes on the field. St. Kilda vs Collingwood. I am amazed that one person we talked to at a BBQ called our ice hockey "violent" compared to the AFL final match.
On Sunday the NRL is closer to the rugby we play at home but not many scrums during the game. Dragons VS Roosters. Its like a game of touch "with a tackle" instead of touch. Very fast game with some very fit athletes.

All in all very much a rugby weekend.

Random Video Clips from OZ

Noah in Byron