Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Southport School

Well, you have seen my remote offices from Wendy's post a few weeks ago.
When I am not on trip (last few weeks) I come into The Southport School here in the Gold Coast.

Welcome to a quick look at the school I teach at - the Southport School. Approximately 800 students on what appears more like a university campus than a typical high school like I teach at.

As I start my day I walk into the administration "building", compared to my typical bunker back home, which gives me a desk and computer. I bypass the Centenery Center which is the gym (outside & inside gyms) along with a 50 meter pool.

The school has a real "Queen's or Western University look to it with a few film companies shooting movies on site over the years. Next I head down to the water to the Boat Shed to check on canoes for next weeks adventure. This is a brand new facility right on the Broadwater (intercoastal) which is filled with sailboats, rowing shells and "tinnies" for being on the water.

The end of my day takes me across the "ovals" (too many to count) which is where soccer, rugby and cricket are the biggest users, each with thier own fields. There would be NO issues with field space compared to our single gridiron field back home.

It's a beautiful place to work, we will be back to play some tennis on the weekend. Anybody visiting should check this place out for sure. I wish I could parachute my PHE staff here for a quick tour.

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