Wednesday, February 23, 2011

San Fernando Grind

Congrats to GEO on regularly completing the San Fernando "Grind" and getting the time down to 28 minutes! He was doing the Grouse Grind in Vancouver and was looking to keep up the hill training. He got it on San Fernando! Its all steep hills in behind our place and the loop is quite demanding. I tried to get him down to the beach for a barefoot run on the flat sand on low tide but he is looking to beat his time when he returns to Vancouver! Sharon's got him hooked! After a few classic "stretches" each morning he was a trooper and completed the loop. As well, in true FRONTRUNNERS fashion GEO was running in Norm's Store kit. Lookin' good Mate! One morning, something bit him! I said it might have been a "snake" but GEO reckons it might be a bit smaller.

Lizzy and GEO departed today and we thank them for a great visit!! Only thing we didn't get to do was head up to Straddie Island! Next time! Have fun in Vancouver and we will regroup as a family in August in a few months!

Peace, Love & Big Waves,



Sunday, February 20, 2011

FAMILY DAY @ Watego's Bay (Byron)

Finished Year 9 Camp on Saturday and decided to take a Lieu Day, pulled the kids out of school, Wendy didn't work and we all drove down to Byron Bay.

Watego's Bay in Byron has been our favorite Family Beach to surf at - 59 minutes (record) from our Gold Coast house. We thought that it being 'Family Day' back in Canada, we should take the same holiday down here!

Grampa GEO was the staff photographer today, just chillin' out in the water capturing some of the surf action. Not Bad!
Kevin, Noah & Hannah were dukin' it out on the waves with Wendy ridin' some bigger stuff in behind us.

Lizzy and GEO did the Byron Lighthouse tour meeting some locals and of course gettin' the inside scoop on the history of Byron Bay.

We came across this sign which explains the 'rules of surfing' - kinda interesting since Wendy & Noah had a little "on the wave controversy". Wendy's storey says Noah "dropped in" on her. Noah's storey says it was his wave right from the start. Since no judges were available for consult, they agreed to disagree!

Great Family Day!!

Thanks Auntie Wendy

Thanks to my sister Wendy who picked some amazing BMX racing Jerseys for the kids. We have been racing BMX like mad over the last four week. Mom & Dad have been to two of the Queensland Shootout series races. The jersey's could not have come at a better time - Noah's was ripped and Hannah was wearing an old Kona one that was totally NOT BMX! The kids are going really well. Hannah actually raced in the PRO WOMEN'S Category last week since she is categorized as a 14 year old (first year eligibility). She was really nervous but at the same time excited to take it to the next level. Got anything Cool for Kevin? he is looking like the only non sponsered athlete in the family!! Thanks Wendy!!

Surfing Granny

Went to Rainbow Bay today and caught some great Body Boarding waves since the wind had blown out the surf. Used the flippers to get into some solid tubes.

Here is Granny rippin' some waves on the inside. Noah on the right trying to catch up. Great day with ice cream to follow.

Solid Family Time

We have had some amazing family trips while Lizzy & Geo have been here. They have attended the BMX summer Shootout season over the last few weeks. Every morning we are up surfing, they are joining us down at the beach. Even the odd truip to the Cold Rock Ice Cream shop as a family. Here are a few photo's of the last few weeks.

Swimming Carnivals

Here in Australia, the schools have yearly "swimming carnivals". Each school heads to the local pool and dresses up in thier house colours and competes against the other houses.

Noah - is a House Sports Captain for Pileen House (Bright Red) and competed in Freestyle, Breast Striole and Backstroke.

Hannah - is in O'Shea House (bright Yellow) and did the same as Noah but also competed in the Relay as well. Hannah's House won the whole carnival.

We got a chance to see the kids compete in this unique opportunity. Weather is totally HOT sunny days here (33+ degree's) and the carnivals are timed out perfectly for these events.

Put To Work @ Hidden Creek

After a crazee long hiatus from work, I was back at "work" (hmmm) getting ready for the Year 9 Camp up at the Hidden Creek. With a few jobs to be done in preparation, I put Mom & Dad to work.
Lizzy Cleaned up a couple of the staff cooking kits for me while Dad took out the map & compass and checked the course for orienteering. I went for a run through the trekking course so that I could estimate how long it was going to take the students.
We grabbed a bit to eat in a small rural town called Murwillinbah and returned home - Just another day at the office! I will be on camp for seven days. I think Mom & Dad are going off on a little adventure of thier own.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Simms Family Arrived and Admitted

Our rule upon arrival in OZ is to bring MAPLE SYRUP! I am glad to say that my Mom & Dad have arrived and been admitted into the country with a HUGE container of the "good stuff". We recieved an added bonus of BREAD DOUGH PANCAKES of Mom's bread and Dad's salt pork - so.... excited!

We got Lizzy and GEO down to the water very quickly! They have travelled around the Gold Coast checking out the coastline from South Straddie all the way down to Snapper Rocks.

Monday, February 7, 2011

BMX Video On YouTube

Hinterland BMX - Staff Photographer video from 40-44 Cruiser Class.

Reunion with Friends and Family

Busy weekend down here! Yet Again! Had a chance to visit Coolum Beach and hook up with family friends Paul and Pauline Nicholas. Crazee story... Mom & Dad actually met these two while working way up in Churchill Manitoba (Kevin was 6 years old I think) many years ago. They have maintained friendships that have extended into us children and grandchildren. Too bad Sally and her gang couldn't make it but they are travelling to Christmas island. If you ever want to talk to somebody who has literally driven every road in Australia... P & P would be my pick! They have been everywhere and will easily inform you on highlights of any area in OZ. Best part of the night was receiving harmonica's as a gift and learning how to play - check out our version of "Mary had a Little Lamb". Great Weekend!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am guessing Canada has heard many Australian weather news items? It seems people keep emailing to find out if we are "OK" or if we need a "snorkel". Yes... weather has been kinda crazee but luckily not anywhere near us. We have seen some amazing footage of the Cyclone Yasi that just blow threw and the Floods in Brisbane - amazing!

We are about an hour from Brisbane and didn't get anywhere near the rain that they did. If you want a really good look at the damage from the flooding, click on the LINK BELOW. A geography teacher at the school found it and used it in class one day last week.

We are about 18 hours south of the cyclone that hit Mission Beach up near Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. Luckily it hit at low tide so there was much less water for the storm surge than was expected. However, once it hit inland, it wiped out all the banana plantations. Expect the price of banana's to rise to $3-4 per banana since Australia is a huge supplier around the world.

Anyway, we are all good! Caught one of my biggest waves yet (overhead) with the swell that rolled through as a result of the cyclone!