Wednesday, February 23, 2011

San Fernando Grind

Congrats to GEO on regularly completing the San Fernando "Grind" and getting the time down to 28 minutes! He was doing the Grouse Grind in Vancouver and was looking to keep up the hill training. He got it on San Fernando! Its all steep hills in behind our place and the loop is quite demanding. I tried to get him down to the beach for a barefoot run on the flat sand on low tide but he is looking to beat his time when he returns to Vancouver! Sharon's got him hooked! After a few classic "stretches" each morning he was a trooper and completed the loop. As well, in true FRONTRUNNERS fashion GEO was running in Norm's Store kit. Lookin' good Mate! One morning, something bit him! I said it might have been a "snake" but GEO reckons it might be a bit smaller.

Lizzy and GEO departed today and we thank them for a great visit!! Only thing we didn't get to do was head up to Straddie Island! Next time! Have fun in Vancouver and we will regroup as a family in August in a few months!

Peace, Love & Big Waves,



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