Sunday, February 20, 2011

FAMILY DAY @ Watego's Bay (Byron)

Finished Year 9 Camp on Saturday and decided to take a Lieu Day, pulled the kids out of school, Wendy didn't work and we all drove down to Byron Bay.

Watego's Bay in Byron has been our favorite Family Beach to surf at - 59 minutes (record) from our Gold Coast house. We thought that it being 'Family Day' back in Canada, we should take the same holiday down here!

Grampa GEO was the staff photographer today, just chillin' out in the water capturing some of the surf action. Not Bad!
Kevin, Noah & Hannah were dukin' it out on the waves with Wendy ridin' some bigger stuff in behind us.

Lizzy and GEO did the Byron Lighthouse tour meeting some locals and of course gettin' the inside scoop on the history of Byron Bay.

We came across this sign which explains the 'rules of surfing' - kinda interesting since Wendy & Noah had a little "on the wave controversy". Wendy's storey says Noah "dropped in" on her. Noah's storey says it was his wave right from the start. Since no judges were available for consult, they agreed to disagree!

Great Family Day!!

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