Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wicked day trying out the SUP boards out on the waves. Its one thing to paddle on FLAT water, its another to be catching waves with the bigger boards and a paddle. 12 minute paddle out to the river mouth and then a solid session on some smallish waves to try and get the hang of it. Easiest way of explaining it is to compare it to standing on a Bosu Fitness Ball for an hour - can you say C-O-R-E training. Awesome day!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everybody!

Hooked up with Queen's University friends Diana & Mike and thier kids. Great surfing session down at Currumbin Alley. Have a great day!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Day In The City

Said GOODBYE to the last few visitors today, realizing that this would be our last trip to the airport with other people and that the next time, it would be US getting on the plane! Weird Feeling!

I think Bubba and Rick have had a fantastic time visiting us and exploring the Australian beaches near where we live. As well, they travelled to Bali and did some "recon" work for us, checking our the surf while they were there. We will be surfing in Bali for 16 days later in July.

After dropping off at the airport we hit the big City of Brisbane, checking out the area of town that was completely flooded back in January. They are recovering but still tons of ongoing work to bring the downtown core back to what it was before the floods. Amazing to see the damage. They only just now got the City Cat ferries back on line.

As well, stopped into the ART GALLERY (yes... you heard correct, the Simms kids and parents did something "cultural"). They had a new exhibit on Art of the 21st Century so it was kinda cool. Musical band all played via iPhones, huge LEGO section and many multi media pieces of art.

All good down here, the kids and Wendy are on holidays for 2 weeks and I just have a 3 day camp this week, then 6 days off for Easter...tooo easy!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Olympic Training Facility

We travelled to Brisbane this week and along the way stopped in at the SLEEMAN Sports Complex to see the final construction of the new Olympic BMX Training Facility. The Australians do an Amazing job funding facilities for athletes to succeed. Brendan Arnold (OCA High Performance) would really appreciate the dollars going into the sport of BMX here in Australia. They sure know how to do it up and help athletes succeed. Check out the track video - two separate lines within one track - pro sections on each straight, two different start gates and even manicured grounds with a concrete walking track around the perimeter. Elevator to get up to the third storey Pro Gate. Crazee!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Surf Photo's

Surf Trip to Noosa on the weekend.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fin Cut

Over the year living here in a Surfer's "Paradise", I have thought about an appropriate souviner that I might like to take away from Australia as a reflection of my year surfing. Shooting for 200+ days of surfing, I think a momento might be acceptable. The possibilities have included.... a nice Tatoo of a wave with Canadian/Australia flags meshed together, a T-shirt was always an option and finally thought I might try a surf competition in hopes of winning a surf trophy. Well, as of Tuesday, I collected my new souviner and was neither of my options..... Instead, I recieved nice new laseration above my right eye which is sure to leave a beautiful souviner scar. The fin of the surfboard cut me above the eyebrow. We surfed some BIG "head high" sets at Snapper Rocks and after a dozen or so rides, I wiped out with a nice bail into the white wash and met my board 'head on". A trip to the hospital provided 7 new stiches and a 48 hour hiatus from all water sports. Moral of the storey.... I remain the only sibling in my family without a tatoo!! Peace, Love & Big Waves