Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Day In The City

Said GOODBYE to the last few visitors today, realizing that this would be our last trip to the airport with other people and that the next time, it would be US getting on the plane! Weird Feeling!

I think Bubba and Rick have had a fantastic time visiting us and exploring the Australian beaches near where we live. As well, they travelled to Bali and did some "recon" work for us, checking our the surf while they were there. We will be surfing in Bali for 16 days later in July.

After dropping off at the airport we hit the big City of Brisbane, checking out the area of town that was completely flooded back in January. They are recovering but still tons of ongoing work to bring the downtown core back to what it was before the floods. Amazing to see the damage. They only just now got the City Cat ferries back on line.

As well, stopped into the ART GALLERY (yes... you heard correct, the Simms kids and parents did something "cultural"). They had a new exhibit on Art of the 21st Century so it was kinda cool. Musical band all played via iPhones, huge LEGO section and many multi media pieces of art.

All good down here, the kids and Wendy are on holidays for 2 weeks and I just have a 3 day camp this week, then 6 days off for Easter...tooo easy!

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