Friday, April 1, 2011

Fin Cut

Over the year living here in a Surfer's "Paradise", I have thought about an appropriate souviner that I might like to take away from Australia as a reflection of my year surfing. Shooting for 200+ days of surfing, I think a momento might be acceptable. The possibilities have included.... a nice Tatoo of a wave with Canadian/Australia flags meshed together, a T-shirt was always an option and finally thought I might try a surf competition in hopes of winning a surf trophy. Well, as of Tuesday, I collected my new souviner and was neither of my options..... Instead, I recieved nice new laseration above my right eye which is sure to leave a beautiful souviner scar. The fin of the surfboard cut me above the eyebrow. We surfed some BIG "head high" sets at Snapper Rocks and after a dozen or so rides, I wiped out with a nice bail into the white wash and met my board 'head on". A trip to the hospital provided 7 new stiches and a 48 hour hiatus from all water sports. Moral of the storey.... I remain the only sibling in my family without a tatoo!! Peace, Love & Big Waves

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