Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mount Warning

Mt Warning is a mountain close to the house and on the way back from Byron Bay. Kevin has climbed it a bunch of times with the TSS kids. Gorgeous views from the summit looking out to the ocean. After a great day surfing in Byron, we decided to travel to the camp at the base of Mt Warning, crash at the camp, cook some dinner and get up early (4 am) in hopes to summit in time for the sunrise. Well, the first part went well... but today the sunrise would be buried in the clouds. Hannah, Noah & Wendy, after two attempts, have missed the epic views. Maybe next time! Congrats to Bubba for making the peak! Kevin, Wendy, Hannah, Noah, Ryan, Joel, Curtis, Barbara & Rick all made it to the top in record times, proving that the 5 hour time estimate posted was not tooooo accurate (smashed in in 2.5 hours up and down!). Mount Warning was the "plug" of an old dormant volcano that stretched 50-70 kilometres wide. The last 400 metres is a crazee "rock scramble" with 80% grade and chains to help you make your way to the summit. Climbing gear recommended but we "opted out" for the more "extreme" route. Uncle Norm would be pleased to see that "Team Soloman XA Pro's Shoes" were the footwear of choice on the journey and the Simms family will be looking for another family set when we roll into Nanimo.

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