Saturday, March 5, 2011

Steph Gilmore - Gold Coast Local

It was amazing to be right out on Snapper Rocks today. Steph Gilmore walked right beside us looking for her favorite launch site. She is the current 4 x World Champions and just signed a multi million dollar deal with Quicksilver/Roxy.

The athletes had the opportunity to catch a ride from the Redbull Jetski which shot them back up into the line up so minimal paddling occurred (wish they had that service for us in the mornings down at Burleigh!).

Steph Gilmore actually got attacked in her apartment a few weeks before the competition started so she was a questionable starter with a broken wrist after the attacker her hie and she defended. They caught the guy and charged him.

She had a sweet ride and easily killed it. My bet is on her for the title.

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