Saturday, March 12, 2011

Favorite Buggies in The Gold Coast

A friend of ours, Matt Baden just purchased a sweet classic Australian Holden wagon. Upon looking through my photo's, I realized I have my top 6 favorite Aussie Rides.

#1 of course is Matt's new 1964 wagon with Cadillac hub caps and surfboard stickin' out the back.

#2 is this brand new Toyota min-van - perfect for loading up and heading out to a bike race. probably got a bed in the back for the long haul surf trips.

#3 - I have always been a sucker for the classic Kombi van and this one was decked out beautifully inside and out. Maybe Norm could put on an awning for me and take it to the next Trans Rockies race.

#4 - These "ute's" always make me laugh. If you are a "cool kid" in Australia, you probably buy one of these baby's (granted not in this ugly green colour) to cruise Surfer's Paradise with.

#5 - The Fraser Island Beach Tourer of choice is this Land Rover Bad Boy. Complete with 4WD and spare tire, I could take this ANYWHERE and look hard core doing it.

#6 - Finally, up in Noosa, the guy who owns a perfect little surf shop called NOOSA LONGBOARDS owns this sweet woody ride and drives it to work on most days, parking it out front of the shop. Sounds like a good life to me!
There you have it... my top 6 rides from the land down under. Reality.... home to my Dodge Grand Caravan in a few months!

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