Saturday, March 26, 2011

@ Camp

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been actually "working". I was up at the two camps over the last couple of weeks and have no internet up there. Year 4 camp was at Hidden Creek. We designed a cool plaque for the walls of Hidden Creek since they are kinda sparse compared to our typical Ontario summer camps. Maybe a new tradition will come from it! Lotza wildlife over the last few weeks, including... "red-belly Black Snakes", Dolphins, Goana's and even this little Wallaby who was checkin' out the dining area on Straddie Island Camp. My work place continues to be DREAMY with sunsets like this one over the Broadwater up on Straddie. Can't believe I am getting paid to be in this beautiful place. Year 6 camp was sweet, great kids, good teachers and I introduced tons of new ideas, including "Survivor". Kids loved it, picturing themselves on the reality TV show Survivor! Just on holidays now so headed out on surf trip for a few days with Ryan and Joel Vandermarel and their "German Cousin" (funny storey) Curtis. Gonna hit a few more new surf beaches that I have not been to yet! All for now, Simms

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