Friday, July 30, 2010

Noah's Second Week of School

Hello from Australia... it's NOAH... when I started school I guess I was a hit. Because when I got there I was surrounded by people. Everybody ran up to me and said Hi, Hi , Hi. I met a couple of boys, two that showed me around the school named Aaron and Dylan. First we did math on our class smartboard it's really cool, it's like a big I-pad on the wall. The Australian government has supplied one for every classroom in the country. My teacher is Mr. Mackanzie (for short we call him Mr. Mack) and he loves science and is making our classroom "paperless'. So, I do all my homework online on a site called Mathletics. Mathletics is a worldwide program and helps kids learn math. We do a lot of Math! And one of the best things is that I get to ride my bike to school almost every day, but if it rains, my parents drive me. And after school I go to the BMX track and practice and I have already had three race nights at either Nerang or Ashmore tracks. They are both really great tracks to race at next time we are going to put the gopro hero on my handlebars. N.

Hannah's First Week @ School

Hello from Australia, it's HANNAH....After one week of school I am starting to find my way around the school. I have met lots of kids so far, who have been really nice and really helpful. It is a lot different than little WR BEST. This term I have HPE (phys-ed) and "cooking" as electives...never thought I would like cooking but it isn't too bad! This week we made patty cakes and next week we are making pizza's. I only had phys-ed one day so far since we got a lot of rain this week, I guess a downside to have all outdoor school. Another not so good part of my first week was that a sports day was cancelled. I did manage to come second place in the 1500 metre track and field race on the second day. I will be going to the T & F division finals on August 18th. When I was racing, everybody was cheering for the girl in the front and then it went quiet when I went by because nobody knew this funny talking new kid. The Uniform..UGH! Burgundy & White! I quickly discovered that no colour looks good with Burgundy! The sport uniform I don't mind but the skirt and blouse (I know know what a blouse looks like)! Finally, the weekend is here and I can hang up the uniform. H.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kirra Surf Beach

Check out Youtube link to a local beach. Simms Family gettin' ready to surf for the morning. More links coming soon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Straddie Year 8 Trip - First Trip of Year

Well.. I did my first bit of real work this week!
Job... Should you choose to accept it.....take 22 Year 8 students on a canoe trip up to an off-site camp location owned by the school. No worries, 4 days on the water tripping up the intercoastal waterway to a deserted sand dune island! Let's go!
Trip Details.. TSS is located right on the water in the Gold Coast @ Surfer's Paradise. I had a boat taxi take up us to the camp site. We did a beach walk and orientation to the ocean (see my artifact below - Wilson from the movie Castaway?). Day two was canoeing skills in the morning and then paddle up the beach through the Mangrove Forests and on to the remote campsite. Day 3 was paddle back with an environmental project in the afternoon. Finally day 4 was Leadership games and a boat ride back to the school.
Good Times hey! This is my first Australian Class so far. Pictures of the trip will be up on you tube shortly. Anybody who comes to visit, we will take a trip up here to show you around!


Gold Coast School Uniforms

We are back in the land of UNIFORMS!
Kevin, Hannah & Noah all got uniforms as the head back to work or school. On the very first day, Kevin was required to wear "Chapel Dress" (dress shirt/tie/fancy shoes etc..) with a robe for the school photo. Feeling very much like a scene out of Harry Potter, it was quite different to his normal surf shorts and T-Shirt. Kevin has since settled into his collared shirt with the crest of THE SOUTHPORT SCHOOL emblazoned across the chest. See link below for more on his school. Noah was the first to attend school, hoping to play basketball this term and didn't want to miss out on try-outs. He is wearing a nice green and burgandy combination. Noah's teacher 'Mr. MacK' is running a paperless classroom and is quite keen on technology so Noah is hooked! Hannah will head off to school next week and is wearing her gym attire in the photo. She is excited (NOT) to wear her "ugly burgandy backpack"!! (not.. you will have to get her to say sounds like Auntie Wendy's sarcastic twang). Although.... there is a spot for a laptop.... which she gets with school registration and is quite excited about that!
All for now,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kangaroo For Dinner

So.. The Simms family has safely travelled to Australia! We finally arrived and its already been an interesting journey! Thanks to the Chapman and Taher Families for dropping us all at the airport a few days ago!

We had an interesting stopover in Vancouver as Wendy & Noah were apparently left off the VISA. Air New Zealand staff helped identify the problem and let the two of them continue with our trip. In Auckland we had our skateboard taken away from our carry on luggage since it could be used as a 'weapon'!

Upon arrival we were scooped up by the Johnson family and given a tour of the home and property. Compared to our last exchange, it was nice to meet the people were were sharing lives with! Kevin tried chasing the chickens (aka Choucks) around the yard trying to catch what would soon provide us with breakfast regularly (eggs..not the actual chicken!). After that we were treated to some BBQ kanagroo sausage - yum! first time for everything!

After a couple days we have begun to settle a bit more each day. Kevin started school yesterday but doesn't take his first trip until next week - grade 8's to Straddie Island. All f or now!

The Simms'

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Twas the Night B4 Australia

Wow! We travel tomorrow! Managed to squeeze in one last race tonight over at Hardwood. Kind words of good wishes from Jack! Lots of Good Bye's! Here is a map of where to find the simms family! Come visit us if you can!

The Simms