Thursday, July 22, 2010

Straddie Year 8 Trip - First Trip of Year

Well.. I did my first bit of real work this week!
Job... Should you choose to accept it.....take 22 Year 8 students on a canoe trip up to an off-site camp location owned by the school. No worries, 4 days on the water tripping up the intercoastal waterway to a deserted sand dune island! Let's go!
Trip Details.. TSS is located right on the water in the Gold Coast @ Surfer's Paradise. I had a boat taxi take up us to the camp site. We did a beach walk and orientation to the ocean (see my artifact below - Wilson from the movie Castaway?). Day two was canoeing skills in the morning and then paddle up the beach through the Mangrove Forests and on to the remote campsite. Day 3 was paddle back with an environmental project in the afternoon. Finally day 4 was Leadership games and a boat ride back to the school.
Good Times hey! This is my first Australian Class so far. Pictures of the trip will be up on you tube shortly. Anybody who comes to visit, we will take a trip up here to show you around!


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