Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gold Coast School Uniforms

We are back in the land of UNIFORMS!
Kevin, Hannah & Noah all got uniforms as the head back to work or school. On the very first day, Kevin was required to wear "Chapel Dress" (dress shirt/tie/fancy shoes etc..) with a robe for the school photo. Feeling very much like a scene out of Harry Potter, it was quite different to his normal surf shorts and T-Shirt. Kevin has since settled into his collared shirt with the crest of THE SOUTHPORT SCHOOL emblazoned across the chest. See link below for more on his school. Noah was the first to attend school, hoping to play basketball this term and didn't want to miss out on try-outs. He is wearing a nice green and burgandy combination. Noah's teacher 'Mr. MacK' is running a paperless classroom and is quite keen on technology so Noah is hooked! Hannah will head off to school next week and is wearing her gym attire in the photo. She is excited (NOT) to wear her "ugly burgandy backpack"!! (not.. you will have to get her to say sounds like Auntie Wendy's sarcastic twang). Although.... there is a spot for a laptop.... which she gets with school registration and is quite excited about that!
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