Friday, July 30, 2010

Noah's Second Week of School

Hello from Australia... it's NOAH... when I started school I guess I was a hit. Because when I got there I was surrounded by people. Everybody ran up to me and said Hi, Hi , Hi. I met a couple of boys, two that showed me around the school named Aaron and Dylan. First we did math on our class smartboard it's really cool, it's like a big I-pad on the wall. The Australian government has supplied one for every classroom in the country. My teacher is Mr. Mackanzie (for short we call him Mr. Mack) and he loves science and is making our classroom "paperless'. So, I do all my homework online on a site called Mathletics. Mathletics is a worldwide program and helps kids learn math. We do a lot of Math! And one of the best things is that I get to ride my bike to school almost every day, but if it rains, my parents drive me. And after school I go to the BMX track and practice and I have already had three race nights at either Nerang or Ashmore tracks. They are both really great tracks to race at next time we are going to put the gopro hero on my handlebars. N.

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