Friday, July 30, 2010

Hannah's First Week @ School

Hello from Australia, it's HANNAH....After one week of school I am starting to find my way around the school. I have met lots of kids so far, who have been really nice and really helpful. It is a lot different than little WR BEST. This term I have HPE (phys-ed) and "cooking" as electives...never thought I would like cooking but it isn't too bad! This week we made patty cakes and next week we are making pizza's. I only had phys-ed one day so far since we got a lot of rain this week, I guess a downside to have all outdoor school. Another not so good part of my first week was that a sports day was cancelled. I did manage to come second place in the 1500 metre track and field race on the second day. I will be going to the T & F division finals on August 18th. When I was racing, everybody was cheering for the girl in the front and then it went quiet when I went by because nobody knew this funny talking new kid. The Uniform..UGH! Burgundy & White! I quickly discovered that no colour looks good with Burgundy! The sport uniform I don't mind but the skirt and blouse (I know know what a blouse looks like)! Finally, the weekend is here and I can hang up the uniform. H.

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