Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kangaroo For Dinner

So.. The Simms family has safely travelled to Australia! We finally arrived and its already been an interesting journey! Thanks to the Chapman and Taher Families for dropping us all at the airport a few days ago!

We had an interesting stopover in Vancouver as Wendy & Noah were apparently left off the VISA. Air New Zealand staff helped identify the problem and let the two of them continue with our trip. In Auckland we had our skateboard taken away from our carry on luggage since it could be used as a 'weapon'!

Upon arrival we were scooped up by the Johnson family and given a tour of the home and property. Compared to our last exchange, it was nice to meet the people were were sharing lives with! Kevin tried chasing the chickens (aka Choucks) around the yard trying to catch what would soon provide us with breakfast regularly (eggs..not the actual chicken!). After that we were treated to some BBQ kanagroo sausage - yum! first time for everything!

After a couple days we have begun to settle a bit more each day. Kevin started school yesterday but doesn't take his first trip until next week - grade 8's to Straddie Island. All f or now!

The Simms'

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  1. I hate to break it you Wendy but looks like Hannah is taller than you in that video!?! Have fun in Oz!!