Friday, March 4, 2011

Chapman's Arrive... To The BEACH!!

We scooped up Bubba & Rick last Saturday in a flurry of Simms weekend activity. Had a BMX race in Caboulture along the pick up route so we tried to fit everything in. Wendy managed to meet her folks at the airport and train it back to our place.

Since then... the first order of business was to hit the beach. Already this week they have visited a variety of locations between Snapper Rocks and Broadie. As well, Wendy took them up to Springbrook to check out the water fall they heard so much about from the Taher Family.

Today we travelled over to Currumbin Alley to surf and explore the rocks around that area. Awesome area to visit and we will definitely visit the Currumbin Surf Club for breakfast one morning. The kids and Kevin surfed and had a super clean day with sweeet rides along the river mouth.
Post surf we hit the Quicksilver pro and you can see Bubba was number 1 Steph Gilmore fan with her new beach attire. Great day exploring!

Nice Family Shot!

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