Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rain Day

Well it's the last weekend of School holidays down here. We have had a very enjoyable 2 weeks of travelling, surfing, hosting travelling Canadians, BBQ's and riding.

We are getting heaps of rain this weekend - buckets! Watching lots of Rugby but also decided do do a little artwork. We were inspired by Mike and his ILUKA beach house. We bought a couple canvasses and created these two paintings.

On the left side, in all the "triangles" we are going to list all the beaches that we have SURFED at during our year here. Watigo Beach Byron, D'bah, Cooly etc...

On the right side in all the "squares & rectangles" we are going to list all the HILARIOUS moments that have made us all laugh during our stay in Australia. You can be guaranteed that Runaway and Bob will make and appearance on the painting.

I will keep you posted as they transition to thier final product.

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