Saturday, October 23, 2010

Secret Surf Spot - FOUND!

The exchange family told me about a "Secret Surf Spot" that was located down the coast near Broken Head Nature Reserve.
At first the instructions were just .... "turn right at the first road before the suffolk tourist park and take the track to Seven Mile Beach but don't stop at the first one unless you want to get naked!" We set out to find it hoping it all made sense when we go to the area. Secret Surf Spot - here we come!

Well, we found it! Imagine a secluded surf beach the length of the football field with white sand beach, rocks surrounding and headlands to block the wind. Very few people around! Locals ONLY! Surf was a bit blown out when we got there but we gave it a go anyway!

Beautiful Spot for sure. I think we will head back and stay at the tourist park and then surf this secret spot early in the morning. A good friend of mine, Ryan Vander Marel would love this spot!
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