Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Airports LEFT

Another EPIC surfing adventure today! Picture this.... Arrived at the surf spot called "AIRPORTS" and was informed by our surf guide that we would taking a small outrigger boat out to the reef near the airport. We would hit three different spots... Airports RIGHT, Airports LEFT and Too Goo were the surf spots.

For $6 per person, our boat driver took us all out to the reef for what felt like a scene from a typical Quicksilver Kelly Slater video. Nyomen basically said... "ok, here we jump"! Hannah started pitching boards out and we all dived in. The boat driver anchored close to the break and we paddled a short distance to the waves. Wendy always wanted a Jetski Tow In, I guess this was an even better option!

Airports LEFT suited all us Goofy Footers nicely! These waves seem to rise right out out of the ocean as they hit the coral reef below us. You would wait a few minutes and see a beautiful set of 3-5 waves in a row. As well..... ONLY 5-10 of us on the water! No Crowds like back at the Gold Coast!

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