Sunday, July 3, 2011

Balangan Surf Session

The local owners of Villa Viona #6, that we are staying at, recommended a surf driver for us to use while we are here in Bali. We met "Nyomen" (pronounced.. Noy-Men") was amazing! He loaded up in his party van and we headed off to a place called "Balangan".

After weaving through the Kuta region and over to the cliff side terrain of Ulluwatu, we dropped down into Balangan Surf Spot. Totally cool place with a series of beach side shacks that different drivers use as home base. Turns out Noyman, age 55 now, was part of the original surf movement here in Bali over 35 years ago. Needless to say, his expertise on paddle out and wave selection were perfect. We let the Rip Tide suck us out the back with minimal paddling, carved turns on beautiful left hand breaks and then rode waves back to shore only a few meters from said home base. PERFECT!

We surfed two sessions with some lunch inbetween at the local "Warung" (which is the name for a local Balinese kitchen). The beach side Warung set us up with Noodles and rice like the locals eat. No Bali Belly yet!

Only downfall was Jelly Fish. Turns out when the winds are "on Shore" for a few days, the jelly fish wander in from the Indian Ocean. We scored some nice jelly fish stings. The upside... it kinda felt like "acupuncture".Tomorrow we are headed to the other side of Bali to surf at a place called Nusa Dua.

Noyman & Noah seem to be best buds now since he thinks Noah rides really well for his age. He was impressed with Noah dropping in on some bigger sets. The two of them were talking in the van ride home and have planned out a "jelly fish free" session at a place called Nusa Dua. We will keep ya posted.

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