Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lembongan Surf Shop

Wicked day on a boat tour today. We took a cruise out to a remote Indonesia Island called Lembongan (pronounced... Lem-Bo-Nan). The boat ride took 75 minutes from Nusa Dua boat ramp and pulled into the beautiful tropical island paradise. We were anchored at a Pontoon with kayaks, tube rides, slide, snorkel ling etc... which was relaxing and fun. Lots of kids around so good for H & N. Amazing meal at lunch after snorkelling and looking at coral and fish.

We got a tour of the local village of 200 (Lizzy would have loved this part) where the primary job for the locals is the harvesting of SEAWEED. Apparently Japan buys up all this seaweed and uses the chemicals for cosmetics and skin lotions.

During the village tour we saw an old school possibly illegal COCK FIGHT ("chicken fight" for those little readers)! Check out the video below. The chickens really go at it!! Not to worry, noby was fighting to the death today.

I have always thought about owning a small SURF SHOP of my own once retired from teaching.... well..... I found it! Located in the little village with a world class collection of surf breaks out front.

"Playgrounds", "Lacerations" and "Ship Wreck" are all famous surf breaks that pros, locals and tourists like us come to visit all year long! Apparently, lacerations at low tide comes by its name honesty as you potentially could get trashed on the coral reef!

Fantastic day cruise that returned up back to the harbour and then our Villa after a full day of exploring and playing!

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