Saturday, July 2, 2011

Journey Home Begins

Itz official, we have said goodbye to our second home.... Australia!
What a great departure from Australia.....Many thanks to Kerrie, Matt, Family and Steph for the great Final Supper and the drive to the airport. Smooth flight to Bali, Indonesia. Soooooo Crazee and Soooooo Different landing here. Bali is a classic developing nation thriving on tourism. The airport was insane with people, taxi's, scooters etc..., all who wanted a piece of you. The kids eyes were like Toonies!

Currently sitting in Seminyak at a internet cafe just chillin' and reflecting on the year we have had living Down Under". Amazing that a year has gone by and that we are headed home. Mixed emotions about leaving but loving the opportunity to see more of this planet.

Staying at a small Villa which is in the heart of this small Balinese beach town. It will serve as home base for about 8 days and after that we are not sure..... hope to seek out best surf spot and plunk ourselves there for the last 7 days. we are going to check out a waterpark this afternoon....WaterBOM!

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