Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Super Uncle" Status

As you know, The Taher Family has arrived here to visit us. Historically, my nieces & nephews think I am "big and scary" so I have decided to work on changing my status to "SUPER UNCLE" during the time they are here!

This is Abby's update on my improving status...

Hello Abby here.... SUPER UNCLE KEVIN drove us to Byron Bay today. We played some fun car games on the drive. S.U.K. took us on a tour of the lighthouse. We did some rock climbing right down to the water and the crashing waves. After lunch S.U.K. taught us how to play touch Rugby. The most important thing about Rugby is that you have to pass the ball backwards. We went for a swim in the ocean at Watego Bay since we were hot. He took us out for ice cream back in Byron Bay. We played in the park but S.U.K. said everybody had to be safe while he was supervising (sigh!!! Two hands on at all times he said!!) and our parents were walking around Byron. Coming home in the truck we played "VAN-IDOL" - Noah was the winner and Super Uncle Kevin was the LOSER! It was a great Day

There you have it people, well on my way to a new status!

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