Sunday, November 7, 2010

2 SECONDS! - Matrix 6 Hour MTB Relay Race

Being here in Australia certainly has its benefits! However... we all realize there is something unique about our Hardwood Ski & Bike World that we live in. We had a great day yesterday trying to re-live our Hardwood life by entering the Matrix 6 HR race in Cunungra which is about 45 minutes from the house.

We were continually comparing and contrasting MTB'ing Canada with the Aussie MTB Scene. Verdict.... Fantastic day but nothing in the world can rival what Hardwood has to offer!

The course was great - just enough uphill and downhill sections to make it fun and tiring at the same time. Single track was like Sidewinder and about 21-27 minutes long. We started out strong with Kevin leading off the 4 person category - entered as TEAM SIMMS in a family affair. Unfortunately we had a mechanical on lap 2 which cost us about 25 minutes. We spent the rest of the day fighting to get back lost time with everybody pulling equal shifts. Kevin pulled a double on the last lap in hopes to reel in the last 7 minute deficit only to come up right behind the first place team as we crossed the finish line. Bottom line..2nd place 2 SECONDS behind the first place team of young juniors.

Prizing was good with Race Face Socks, Tubes, T-Shirts and chain tools for everybody. We all miss racing at Hardwood and the vibe it provides but this was a fun day none the less!

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