Monday, November 15, 2010

Hinterland BMX Race Weekend

Many of you know that years ago I raced BMX. I would say no where near the level that BMX athletes are at currently. None the less, with the kids interested in the sport and the multitude of race tracks in our area, I have picked it up again.

It feels great to load up the truck and head up to a race with the kids. This passed weekend we headed to our old stomping grounds in the Sunshine C0ast and raced the Open Day.

The track was super "jumpy" with perfect ramps for catching air. Kevin, Noah and Hannah all raced with Wendy being the staff support girl with photo's, video, water and even a sausage sizzle.

Racing went really well for everybody, with all of us winning CASH - totally $54 dollars this time. Noah made the final moto but unfortunately got tangled up with another rider in the final turn when he was up in third. Hannah, the newest Simms Race team member, continues to improve with every race, finishing third. I had a good day beating all of the old guys who were struggling on the longer fitness based track.

Excellent race day followed by a couple days holidays up in Noosa surfing. Only downfall was that somebody stole Wendy's surfboard right off the roof of our truck. A surfboard she called "LITTLE GECKO" is unfortunately gone. Bummer!

All for now!

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