Monday, November 1, 2010

$26 Dollar Road Tour

This past weekend was fantastic. The kids and Kevin headed out on a 'road tour' while Wendy travelled up to Noosa with some friends to complete the Noosa Triathalon as a team. Wendy did the swim in 33 minutes, team placing 18th out of 77 teams.

Kevin & kids raced a BMX up in the Sunshine Coast. Kevin finished 2nd in the old guy category, winning $21 dollars cash prize money! Hannah won $5 dollars! We used our winnings for ice cream!

Rest of the tour was surfing and body boarding in Mooloolaba until we had to pick up Wendy later in the day. All in all fantastic tour! Oh yeah.... Rice Krispie contest was to see how many RK you could pick up with one tongue dab in the bowl! Winner... NOAH!

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