Sunday, November 7, 2010

Whatz SUP?

Another big weekend of exploring! With a crushing beach break surf today (no good for surfing), we took Don Gain and Glenn Meeuwisse's advice and tried some SUP - Stand Up Paddleboarding. Rented a couple kayaks and a couple boards and headed up the Tallebudgera River for the afternoon.

I am not gonna lie..... on the ocean...the surfers hate the SUP's - they are so big that they get in the way, the go for the wave so far out and if one of them hits ya count on a tumour! However, on a flat river, these SUP's are a blast! Everybody gave it a go and in the process had a fantastic afternoon getting a workout in on these boards.
At 5:00am when I am headed out to surf, I see all the paddleboarders on the river and now I know what a good workout it is! There is this great little breakfast spot by the board rental site so I am gonna try it next week.

Only downside... lost my $19.00 sunnies in the lake, thinking they were gonna float - NOT!

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