Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lives of the Rich & Famous

I have always felt that presents for Birthdays and Christmas should be "experiential" rather than materialistic - although..... I really could use a new longboard skateboard for Christmas since I left mine back in Canada.

Back to my point... we decided that with Wendy and Sarah were requiring birthday presents (Sarah's immediately and Wendy's slightly forgotten). We decided to create a scavenger hunt down at Marina Mirage at the top end of the Gold Coast.

The girls were dropped off at the marina with a series of pictures and clues for the hunt for thier present (some clues a little more "risque" than others but nonetheless exciting to find!). Sarah thinking she was going to get wet or go fishing and Wendy along as the staff photographer (ha ha! so she thought! All part of my scheming plan).
After finding the clues and arriving at the helipad, both girls realized their lives had been upgraded from "mom, mom, mom"... to a more rich and famous status.
Meanwhile, Karim, Myself and all the grommets raced down to the beach and carved out a HUGE Happy Birthday for the girls to see from the air. It was some fast work on all the kids to get organized on the beach in time for the flyby - good thing our sand castle making skills are soooooo good from years of experience in Florida.

The Taher family, even more famous than us), jumps onto a plane this afternoon and heads up to the glamorous Great Barrie Reef.

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