Thursday, December 30, 2010

Aussie Lawn Bowls Anyone?

For the last 6 months I have routinely seen these Lawn Bowls clubs around Australia. I have wondered what the big deal is? Is it like real bowling? Like Curling? Or just an excuse to drink beer in the sun on a Sunday afternoon?

Answer.... All of the above!

While in Iluka, I went for a trail run which happened to finish at the 'Bowls Club'! I decided to randomly pop into the club to see what was going on. After talking to Bruce the Manager and explaining my travels through his great country, I convinced Bruce to let us 'have a go'.

After Pete acquired the standard Lawn Bowls Uniform, he & I and the kids embarked on a quest to figure out Aussie Lawn Bowls. Turns out... there is much more than meets the eye. An older guy with a club members badge (read....drunk but reasonably understandable) decided to give us a quick lesson. We got some tips and played a few rounds. I am here to say that it was a very educational experience.

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