Thursday, December 30, 2010

Escape To ILUKA

Can you say RAIN! Unfortunately, we can!! For six straight days in December, Queensland Australia was getting drenched! On the third day of this crazee stretch of rain, we decided to ESCAPE and drive south. We were going bonkers and just needed to bail out of the Gold Coast.
After being "Radar Boy" (as Wendy called me) for a couple days staring at radar screen, I strategized that this weather system was sitting over Queensland and NOT moving. Actually, much of Queensland (north of us) was declared a state of emergency with flooding of whole towns!
Anyway, back to my storey. We decided to pack the car early on the fourth day of rain and drive SOUTH. Sure enough, 3 hours after departure, south of Goldie and back at our friends beach house in ILUKA , we found perfect sunshine and great waves. Big Smiles on everybody's faces... good call!
We settled in for four days and had a total blast in that part of Australia. Caught some massive waves! Returning to the Gold Coast today we talked to a few locals and we timed it perfectly with the rain finally ending three days after we departed.

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