Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well, itz official, we have a full house! The Glass Family arrived on Monday! They had a very successful flight over and we managed to keep them awake for the entire first day they arrived in hopes of getting on Australian Time! Pete, Mel and the kids are a fantastic addition to the Simms and Taher gang that have been travelling together for the last few weeks. Luckily, the Glass' have arranged to take over one of thehouse masters houses at TSS (school Kevin teachers at). It is beautiful and the perfect place for them to call "home" for the next four weeks.

We have decided to do a big Road Tour north of the Gold Coast up to the Sunshine Coast and up to Fraser Island. I have decided to take the role of "TOUR GUIDE" (hat provided) and give everybody a small glimpse of the area up here is like compared to Goldie. Currently I am sitting beside the pool in Noosa just reflecting on the last few days. Glass airport pick up, welcome to Australia dinner, quick tour of Main Beach and then ready for the Tour. The trip up here was successful with some good little beachie waves in Mooloolaba. Today we are going to mess around in Noosa, surf some more and a few are going to climb MT Coolum.

The kids are havin' a blast going to all the new destinations. The van has been rockin' beats froma variety of ipods. The music of choice seems to be "Magic" by B.O.B. . Next few days we will be up on Fraser Island doing some 4WDin'. I told the Newbies (Glass' & Taher's) that they were responsible for drivin' the big Troop Carrier 4wd's! Don't get it stuck in the sand people!

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