Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kangaroo Video On My Ride

We found out that there will be an Asutralian National MTB race within 30 minutes on our house at a place called ILLINBAH. Race Date... November 5/6, 2010. That gives us 7 weeks to get in some miles! With that in mind, I headed out looking for trails around the neighborhood. After riding up hill for 300 metres, I came across this sweet power line ride (Glenn Meeuwisse will know what I am talking about from Adventure Race Days). While up on in the 'hinterland' (they call it), I had an interesting ride with the wildlife and the views.

Check out this view. That's the city of Surfer's Paradise in the distance. We never really go to Surfer's since its a huge tourist destination and super busy. It kinda looks and feels like a cross between New York & Las Vegas (actually saw a ferris wheel being constructed on one of the roof tops last week). At night, the place is totally lit up!

Had a coupel kanagroo's checkin' me out when I was doing some hill repeats. They let me stop and get a video clip - check it out below. When he stood upright he was as tall as mee and looked like he could kick my butt in a one-on-one battle. I tried to race the kangaroo up the hill on one of my repeats but was definitely "schooled" by this particular Roo!


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