Monday, September 27, 2010

Down a Couple Chickens

So... we live in a house that has some chickens on the property.

We get regular fresh eggs every morning which is a unique experience for sure! Upon arrival we named the chickens - Pecker, The Elusive One, Bob and Runaway (he got out of the pen one day). These chickens became a source of entertainment for the first few weeks since we had no other friends in the Gold Coast at this time. Our exchange partners even challenged us to be able to race around and "pick up" the chickens in our hands (a skill we were significantly lacking when we first arrived).

Well, I am here to say that we grew quite fond of the chickens over the last two months, however some bad news this week.... we are down 2 chickens! The storey goes that "Runaway" (aptly named) influenced "Bob" to bust outta the joint just like the TV series Prison Break and in the process met their fate. Runaway is still AWOL and poor Bob met a Mercedes face to face. We are in the process of acquiring two more chickens to bring our compliment back up to four! Anybody arriving for a visit can count on fresh eggs for breakfast!

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