Sunday, September 5, 2010

BEACH HOUSE - Thanks Mike!

HUGE thanks to Mike Sleeman at TSS who let us stay at his families amazing beach house in ILUKA! This place is a "beach" version of our "ski chalet" home back in Canada. It looks like the family bought the block of land years ago, built on the property and over time created this amazing "hide away" close to the surf. Looking at the pictures in the house, you can tell the family has many memories in this place (and caught LOTS of HUGE fish!). I love the lane way! I want to re-do the laneway back in Horseshoe Valley to match the surf lane way Mike has done at the ILUKA home - maybe in the shape of a snowboard half pipe!

Mike is an amazing artist and the beach house has incredible art that he has done.

No, Wendy is not at an aquarium watching sea turtles, she is standing in front of one of Mike's masterpieces! The surfboard hanging on the wall is a whole other blog!

We had the best night out at the local pub in ILUKA. It was "Italian Night" for the locals and we managed to join in on the excitement of the buffet dinner. We definitely stood out among the locals but we ended up chatting with a few people and got a real sense of this community. This felt like the heart of coastal Australia!

All in all an amazing place! I would visit ILUKA in a second!

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