Monday, September 27, 2010

D'Bah & Point Danger

My quest to surf 200+ days this year is well under way. I am currently sitting at 27 days, 14 of which have been consecutive!

In the process I am building confidence to branch out into various "locals only" spots. "D'Bah" beach is just south of Coolangatta and its where all the 'cool kids' hang out when the surf is big. You would find a few Pro's there on a good day if they were in town.

A few days ago I got enough courage (read... waves were small enough) to paddle out at D'bah with the big boys. I had my new Diverse shortboard with me as oppose to my old man longboard, so I didn't stick out too bad out of the gate. The waves were definitely cleaner on this particular day and without too many wipeouts, I didn't do too bad. The highlight of my day was chirpin' (a high pitched "hey") a guy who was on my wave! Imagine, ME telling somebody they had dropped in on me. It was at that point I figured it was time to get outtta there.. when the going was good and my image around D'Bah was well established.

After the post D'bah surf we checked out Point Danger vantage point which is absolutely gorgeous. We saw a few whales blow, off in the distance. All in all a good day on my quest for 200+.


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