Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Visitors

Most people know that, back in Canada, I teach a course called GEOSTUDIES, which is an outdoor adventure junkie course with an environmental twist to it. It is a well disguised curriculum based course at the grade 11 level that allows me the opportunity to travel around North America and get adventure based education outside of those four walls in a typical school system. Trips have included The Grand Canyon, West Coast Trail in BC and even down to Costa Rica.

To say that I get to know my students well is an understatement. I transition out of "teacher mode" and into "friendship mode". I always tell every year of GEOSTUDIES to make sure and travel as much as you can in your lifetime... and out of the blue, send me a postcard from where you are travelling to! Whenever I get a postcard on some random Tuesday in the middle of February from a former GEO kid... it makes my day!

Well, not only did Robyn McCrea (GEO 2008) keep in touch...yesterday she showed up on our Australian beach having travelled from Canada to do a tour of Australia and maybe work a bit. So awesome to see her actually "doing the travel scene" and getting out of little 'ol Barrie for a world tour! Abandoned her "comfort zone" for sure!

Robyn and Courtney Higginson (north kid too!) are both staying with us for a few days while they work their way up the coast of Australia! First visitors!


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