Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happiness is a Journey, Not a Destination, Enjoy the Ride!

We visited the Gold Coast Surfing Museum yesterday after surfing @ Currumbin. Amazing to see the history behind the sport. We wandered through the gallery of vintage photo's and surfboards.

Replica and original surfboards from the days when THE DUKE arrived in Australia and initiated the surfing movement. The old boards were huge planks that look like they would make a nice table top.

We viewed the Word Cup trophies, awards and photo's of award winners.

Gold Coast legends - Mick Fanning, Steph Gilmore and Joel Parkinson had dedication corners in the place. Boards that were used for multiple world titles. Amazing to see the original short boards were old longboards that were simply "cut off" and ridden to explore their potential. Now shortboards are the norm. 6'4" Joel Parkinson on a 5'8" board - amazing!

Wendy came across a quote that basically sums up our year..... "happiness is a journey, not a destination, enjoy the ride".

A great day just strollin' through the place - a must see if you visit the Gold Coast and have any interest in the sport of surfing.

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  1. Alriiiight Simmers! Nice cut mon, not to mention the 35 sec wave ride.