Tuesday, June 14, 2011

200 Days of Surfing

Surfed Maroochydore/Alexandria Headlands on the weekend drive home from Noosa and it marks the 200th session of Surfing for the year. Any session, in order to count, needed to be...

1) at least 90 minutes on the water

2) a minimum 12 waves

3) a wave height of 3 feet (hips-ish) or more

4) a ride length of at least 10 seconds

As a family, we have enjoyed about 100 of these sessions! The Noosa weekend was beautiful, with a sunset surf at the point and nobody around but us! good healthy closure to the Sunshine Coast.

We are into "winter" here (haha) and so are wearing our wetsuits - enjoy this comical video clip of wetsuits exit strategy.

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