Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Town of Bangalow

"CASINO" is a small town in New South Wales and a place that was holding a BMX race last weekend. We decided to head off on a little adventure "inland" from our regular coastal BMX tracks and see how the country folk are doing it?

BMX racing was awesome! The track was very well groomed and we all had excellent results. However, the best part of the journey was stumbling across this crazzee little town called "Bangalow".

Turns out that this day was the big "BILLYCART" Derby - who would have guessed? The whole town had shown up for home made buggy races down a street similar to Orillia, Ontario end in a hay bail finish line. Tons of different racers - everything from little kids, tag teams, moms, dads, grandparents - we caught the "Moms Final" and you can see the intensity of these women after 5 heats of competitors.

Always great to see another part of Australia!!

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