Thursday, May 19, 2011

"L A S T S"

As I start typing an entry called "LASTS", I have before me only 3.5 days of actual "WORK" left to do (read....1 more camp/holiday at the Straddie Island office).

We are looking at the calendar and realizing our experience here in Australia is quickly coming to a close. We have many adventures ahead before actually landing in Horeseshoe Valley, Ontario, however while on "Australian SOIL", we have started our "LASTS" - that is the last time we we will do some of our favorite things to do as an Australian citizen.

Our TOP 5 LASTS include....

#5 - LAST.... Scoop of Ice Cream from the Cold Rock down at Broadie - we have accrued enough frequent eater coupons to each have at least 2-3 more "mixtures of goodness" before boarding the plane.

#4 - LAST.... BMX race of the Australian Season - South East Queensland Title Championships are being held the weekend before departure. The chance to get a state plate is up for grabs and we are all shooting for our best placing of the year. All this BMX racing should hopefully set us up for Canadian National Championships in August in Quebec.

#3 - LAST..... Longboard Skateboard from Surfer's Paradise to Burleigh - we have enjoyed hitting the waterfront path along the ocean, cruising and carving turns as a typical sunny day goes by. I think time has "stood still" on these many sessions. Hannah's making a new longboard in tech class - hopefully it will be finished before departure.

#2 - LAST..... Trip up to NOOSA. Noosa has been our most favorite "overnight" surfing destination over the year. We have enjoyed sooooo many family surfing adventures at Noosa. All four of us surfing at main Beach, the Rockwall or out at Tea Tree Bay. We actually plan to name our next dog "NOOSA" upon our return (yes... we need to get a dog when we get back to keep us grounded for a few years).

#1 - LAST .... Trip to down to WATEGOS BAY. Wategos Bay has been our most favorite "one-day" surfing destination. Program goes something like this.... up before the sun, load truck with boards, drive 50 minutes (current record), surf wategos beautiful waves until tired, into Byron Bay for coffee and treat at Twisted Sister, back to Wategos for second session, surf until arms fall off, back to Byron Bay for famous "Kabab's", check out favorite surf shops along the strip in Byron and then head home at a cruisy leisure pace. The Perfect Family Day! Once completed, wake up the next day and... REPEAT!

Well.... that's our fav's! We will keep ya posted as we wrap up our Australian Adventure before heading to Indonesia.

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  1. I Love these last 5!...Hope you guys thoroughly enjoy each of them before you leave and have many fond memories of glassy wave days ;) Cheers!