Friday, August 27, 2010

News, News, News

Hey Everybody,

Just a few tidbits of News from the Simms Family!

  • Noah... Great speech in front of class hoping to win and go on to the next round (topic.. solving the world's problems with Rock Paper Scissors), Makes the basketball "A" Team for Year 6, BMX racing continues, signed up to play rugby in the spring season.

  • Hannah.... Track and Field continues at the district level with 4th place in 1500 m and and 2nd in Triple Jump - meaning she goes on to the next round again, signed up for gymnastics once a week, signed up for rubgy spring league, wins school volleyball game with 15 straight serves, started racing BMX with new friend Abby.

  • Wendy.... going to Pilatez with Steph, tecahers card arrived and will be working soon, found us a cool place in Noosa for the weekend,

  • Kevin... Finished camps for August!

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