Saturday, May 29, 2010

Uncle Norm Would be Pleased

Well... Uncle Norm has inspired us! To keep our bikes clean and leave nothing to chance! Canada Cup preparations today! Pre riding the course, kids cleaning their own bikes and even water bottles all dialed and ready to go!! Wow, Norm would be impressed!
Beautiful weather here in Ontario for the last 2 weeks with heaps of days over 30 degrees. Race day tomorrow looks the same for weather - sunny, hot and beautiful! Wendy, Hannah & Noah are all racing, while Kevin is coaching athletes in hopes to get a few kids on the Nationals Project going to Canmore in July!
I will update results after race day.
Sim Simma
PS.. Yikes, 6 weeks until OZ!!

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  1. Uncle Norm's bike is currently a MESS....actually 3 of them are a mess.....gotta take his own advice and get them up to "pro" level like the Simms!!