Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today Noah & Dad went to JOYRIDE 150 Indoor Ride Park. With the Ontario Winter stealing those nice outdoor riding days, Joyride provides a chance to get back on your bike and spin some pedals. Picture.. a HUGE Costco (or bigger) sized warehouse that has been designed specifically for riders of all ages, abilities and disciplines to PLAY on their bikes.
Noah and I started on the PUMP TRACK then progressed to the XC loop around the whole place. On the 5 minute XC loop, we rode from down low to up high, over rocks then ramps and through sweet corners and turns. After our laps for some fitness we visited the FOAM PIT where you can launch skywards only to land in the deepest foam pit you have ever seen. Toughest part...getting out from the depths of foam squares (can you say quicksand). Next.. the halfpipes, bowls and quarter pipe ramps - brings back my days as a freestyle geek riding one of those old school HARO FREESTYLERS (Brendan @ OCA would know what I am talkin' about). Then the JUMP LINES where you could hit a bunch of BMX style jumps, catching air and gettin' some flow. Finally it was over to the TRIALS area with rails, logs and obstacles.
Overall...FANTASTIC Day at JOYRIDE - highly recommend it to everybody. Note my BC riders... Only in ONTARIO!

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