Saturday, December 26, 2009

AVATAR/Scream Sand Creation

We went to see the movie AVATAR a couple nights ago.... if you havn't seen it yet, it is a MUST SEE. 2 hours and 30 minutes of full on action. Cool story idea with an environmental twist to along with it. We began creating an AVATAR face in the sand today and ended up with more of a cross between AVATAR & the movie SCREAM. You can't quite see the mohawk on top of his head but hey.. it was our creative juices at the time! We are thinking it might be good to add a full skeleton since Hannah is doing "the bones of the human body" in Science. Maybe throw a femur, humerus and tibia on him/her tomorrow. Relaxing day at the beach combined with a few swims, runs & rides. Great to chat with Heather, Lizzy & Geo last night - sounds like a sweet Christmas dinner at Heather's new pad. All for now. Simmer

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