Monday, October 5, 2009


I Missed it! A chance to fly in BNC (aka. Geo's Plane!)! While I was away racing Crank the Shield Bike race, Grampa GEO and Granny flew into the Barrie Airport and hung out with the Horseshoe Valley Simms'. Wendy, Hannah & Noah were lucky enough to get a flight with GEO. They did a loop around Horseshoe Valley to see the house from the air and then headed up to Muskoka. Sounds kinda cool... Q. What did you do today?... Well, I had my pilot fly me up to Muskoka for lunch! Everybody had some eats near Bracebridge and then headed back. We will look forward to seeing the new movie about Amilia Earhart! Thanks Geo, Shotgun Kevin next time! Noah says he would like to fly the plane again next time!


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